No. I Am Not Mom Enough.

Romney, is that you? If not, it certainly seems like you share his lack of understanding of the socio-economic circumstances of the masses of American citizens. Most households require two incomes in order to maintain a decent standard of living. Women in the workforce isn’t a “petty” indulgence, rather it’s an economic necessity. Furthermore, opening up individual parenting choices to public scrutiny (beyond basic health and safety), implies there are fixed universal parenting standards. We live in a social and cultural melting pot, nearly 400 years in the making. Which elements of the many social, cultural and religious influences should make up the “ideal parents”? Many people default to “it’s none of your business”, because the alternative of “it’s everyone’s business is impractical.
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Bill Maher Criticizes Mitt Romney’s Charitable Donations To Mormon Church (VIDEO)

All churches, LDS included, use the law to launder political contributions. I don’t get a tax deduction from sending money to a super PAC, but I do for contributing to a church that turns around and spends the money on “issues of concern” as you put it. When those issues of concern include politics, what’s the difference? No it’s not illegal, but to pretend like noting is wrong with it is intellectually dishonest.
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Arizona Abortion Bill: Legislators Pass Three Bills, Including One That Redefines When Life Begins

What’s so mind-boggling about these people is that they don’t even see the Pandora’s box they have opened up. AZ passed a law which absolves doctors from guilt if they lie to a patient and it leads to an outcome the doctor could have prevented by simply telling the truth. Assuming it can stand up to a Constitutional challenge, the law opens the door to all manner of anti-malpractice legislation to follow. Doctors can lie to a patient, if lying would save the insurance company money; or, Doctors can lie to a patient if telling the truth might cause the doctor to miss his tee time at the golf course, or to vote Democrat.

What’s even crazier, is that the GOP/TP claims to want LESS government intrusion in our medical care, but keeps trying to pass legislation that would require increasing invasive intrusion into doctor patient relationships.

Doctors are supposed to be agents of care, and Patients are supposed to be the Principle in that relationship, NOT the State. Attempting to substitute the rights of patients for the will of the state, is repugnant to Liberty.
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NRA Hoodie: National Rifle Association Selling Concealed Weapon Hooded Sweatshirt (PHOTO)

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Does the NRA concealment hoodie come with a “Geraldo Rivera” warning label sewn into it? “Warning: This hoodie could lead some wearers to get shot. Use caution if Black.”

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9 Lies Republicans Tell About Women’s Bodies

The real head-scratcher is that the GOP/TP claims to want smaller government, all the while trying to extend the reach of their fascist theocratic principles into literally every area of American life. Exactly like the founding fathers intended, right???
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Slavery Homework Problem: Another Georgia Elementary School Under Fire For Math Problem Referencing Slaves (VIDEO)

Kidnapping, rape, murder etc. are ALL part of our history as well. Here is a question: If 31 children are kidnapped and killed in Georgia by a serial killer over 20 months, how many we’re killed in a average week? The Atlanta Child Murders actually took place between Summer 1979 and Spring 1981. Historically accurate, yes. Appropriate questions for 9 year-olds? Only if you’re a complete a-hole.
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Arming Zimmerman

The FL SYG law is seductively simple: “If I am under attack, I should not have to run, no matter where I am”. But without having to at least make a good faith effort to avoid the use of deadly force, the state the courts are left to decide extremely complex issues like the intent and state of mind of at least two individuals, and in a case like this one, one of them is already dead.
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